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Discover how more than 400 nonprofit organizations Succeed with Andar/360

With Andar/360, all departments in your organization benefit from a fully integrated CRM that provides you with a complete picture of your donors. Read our customer success stories to learn how leading nonprofit organizations build lasting relationships with donors. Find out how to successfully raise funds online. Learn how others make strategic data-driven decisions. Find examples of how to cultivate volunteers and run events. And overall,  see why 400+ nonprofit organizations trust Andar Software's services and solutions. 

Our Latest Success Stories

How 3 Nonprofit Leaders use Andar/360 for Every Department
Meet Pam Cottle, Karen Brown, and Bill Rosenberger. These three are not your typical Directors and VPs. They are hands-on, do-it-right-the-first-time executive leaders who wear too many hats to count. With each leading a nonprofit organization with fewer than 15 people, these leaders crave effective processes, time savings, and tools that can simplify the day-to-day work.
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A Small Team Driving Big Fundraising Results: How United Way of Southwestern Indiana Runs 80 Corporate Online Giving Campaigns with e-Pledge 
Brent Hill, CFO of United Way of Southwestern Indiana (UWSWI), says that choosing e-Pledge for online giving was a significant advantage for their internal team and donor base.  After a targeted push, they went from 8 corporations to 80 using e-Pledge for online giving! Now 80% of all workplace campaigns UWSWI runs are powered by e-Pledge.  Learn how they did it.
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Successfully Transitioning a 60-year-old Charitable Campaign from Paper Pledge Form to Online Using e-Pledge: How Our Promise Went Digital in 4 Short Months
With the nudge of necessity from the pandemic, United Way California Capital Region (UWCCR) chose Andar Software's e-Pledge solution to offer donors a way to give safely from the comfort of their own homes.
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