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Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Hub

Andar's Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Hub LITE

Your Peer-to-Peer 
Platform for Year-Round Fundraising

Transform your community members into self-proclaimed philanthropists! Andar's Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Hub LITE empowers individuals to support the causes closest to their hearts. Connect with your fundraisers' social networks to collect donations from fresh sources.
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Tap Into New Donor Markets

Expand Your Circle of Supporters

Getting connected with a new donor base has never been easier! Most people who give to a P2P fundraising campaign are new donors to the cause. That doesn't mean they'll stop at just one donation. You've now unlocked a new recurring donor! 
Phone Notification - Reminding Two Girls Holding Phone to Give to A Fundraiser
Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Hub - Top Fundraisers

Motivate Donors with Gamification 

Engaging Donor 
Giving Experience

Who said fundraising was boring? Add excitement to P2P fundraising with a little friendly competition among fundraisers. Only the top 3 earners can claim a spot as a top-performing fundraiser. Showcase your donors' generosity with leaderboards.

Sit Back & Relax as Fundraisers Generate Campaign Buzz

The P2P fundraising model empowers individual fundraisers to take charge of promoting their cause. 
Personalized & Custom Fundraiser Pages
Allow your fundraisers to become your storytellers. They share the heart of their philanthropy on their personal fundraising page. From custom donation options to personalized avatars, your fundraisers' giving pages are uniquely their own.
Spread the Word Across Social Media Channels
To increase the reach of their fundraising campaign, fundraisers can leverage the power of their social networks when they share their fundraising page. Social share buttons are available on each fundraising page, making posting and spreading the word easy.

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Peer-To-Peer Fundraising Hub FAQ

How Do Fundraisers Start?
In a few simple steps, turn your community members into philanthropists.

To get started, your future fundraisers complete a quick survey form - found on your fundraising hub homepage.

In the survey, fundraisers select their cause of choice, share their fundraising backstory, select their donation goal, and more!

Once submitted, your team will be notified to review the application and publish their fundraiser.

How Does My Team Run the Peer-to-Peer Fundraiser?
Good news for you: the peer-to-peer hub is a low-touch platform, meaning your team can be hands-off for most of your campaign.

Your internal campaign crew will oversee an easy campaign set-up with the help of our handy step-by-step instructions.

Once your campaign goes live, your team will screen fundraiser submissions. They'll turn a survey submission into a live fundraising page with a few clicks.

As the dollars roll in, your team can check the built-in P2P dashboard to support their reporting.

Time to cash out on your P2P campaign? Simply change the fundraiser's status with one click to remove their public page.
Can Donors Give Anonymously?
You bet! We want to respect that not every donor wants their name and donation amount displayed on a public leaderboard. 

As donors complete their transaction, they can select if they'd like to give anonymously.
Does the Hub Automatically Update Donation Totals?
As donations arrive, the thermometers displaying your campaign totals and top fundraisers will automatically rise. 

Donor leaderboards will populate seconds after a donation is processed.
How Does the P2P Hub Integrate With Andar/360
All donations, including donor information, are securely stored and processed with the power of Andar/360.

Within Andar/360, your team starts and stops P2P campaigns, processes fundraiser surveys, maintains article pages, and more. 

Implementation Requirements

Andar/360 CRM
Major Individual Giving (MIG) Module
Executive Plus Module
e-Community Web Module
2023.02 Service Pack
HotFix 2023.02.01 Installed

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