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Andar/360: The donor data powerhouse

Unite all teams around the donor. Process millions in donations, analyze data for strategic decision making, build long-term donor relationships and sync to your other systems and software with  Andar/360.
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All Donor Data in one Place

Collaborate with all teams using one central donor database fully integrated to create value for every department. Analyze crucial donor data to make smarter, faster decisions for donor engagement, retention, and hitting your fundraising goal.

Nonprofit CRM

Your relationships are at the heart of your mission and nurturing them is crucial for your success. Access your prospect research, communications, next steps, and goals in our integrated CRM solution.
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Online Giving

Create and customize online donation forms, and branded workplace campaign portals for a seamless donor experience.  Monotonous data entry be gone with a real-time integration to the database.
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Events and Volunteers

Your event attendees and volunteers are interested and invested in your mission. Organize volunteers, accept registrations, and report on the outcomes of your events. 
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Marketing and Communications

Keep track of every communication with all interactions in one system. Easily reach out to donors via various channels, including newsletters, emails, direct mailers, and texts.
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Mobile Access

Whether you're meeting with a donor or running around to prepare for an important event, your database and key information for your event planning is at your fingertips, no matter where you are.
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Grants Management

Strengthen community and create impact with a well-developed granting process. 
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Financial Processing

Streamline cumbersome allocation processes and measure the community impact of funded programs.
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Import and export data through a REST API and integrate with other systems that capture crucial data for your organization. 
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Nonprofit CRM Success Story

At United Way of Elgin and Middlesex, Aness Symons saw the value in Andar/360 and having all tools in one, integrated, powerful system.

How integrated software saves you time and outputs better data

  • "Andar/360 is an all-around winner! The thing I like best about Andar/360 is how comprehensive it is. We don't need to have a different piece of software or a different service for each department. Andar/360 has tools for digital and traditional giving, revenue processing, volunteering, events, texting, digital RFP submission and evaluation, marketing, KPIs, data analysis, extensive reporting and more."
    Stephanie Burton |  Director of Databases
    Metro United Way, Louisville, KY

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