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Andar Software

Your partner in nonprofit CRM software, donor management & cloud hosting

At Andar Software, we are eager to partner with you for your nonprofit CRM software, training, professional services, and cloud hosting needs.

Our Software Processes Nearly 5 Billion Dollars of Donations Every Year

The story of Andar Software began over 35 years ago when two developers created Andar/360, a solution made specifically for the multi-faceted nonprofit organization. Since then, Andar/360 has processed billions of dollars of donations and serves more than 400 nonprofit organizations.
We Help You Make a Difference

We Help You Make a Difference

We know that your organization is unique, that you often have to do more with less, and that your passion lies in making a difference. Whether you're making a difference in arts and culture, human services, environmental and animals, health, education, or international affairs - we act as a conduit, helping your organization do what you do best.

Our Values

Customer Focused

Our customers’ success is our main priority, and we strive to understand their needs and surpass their expectations at all times.

Passion for Helping

We support our communities by being collaborative, accountable, dependable, and honest.

Continuous Improvement

We’re agile and continually expand our knowledge and grow our product to support changing trends and challenges within the nonprofit community.

Our Leadership Team

Harry Veening, Andar Software's General Manager

Harry Veening

General Manager
Hilary Hearn, Andar Software's Director of Marketing & Revenue Operations

Hilary Hearn

Director of Sales & Marketing
Tom Henry, Andar Software's Director of Software Development

Tom Henry

Director of Software & Technology
Natacha Saint-Lô, Andar Software Director of Customer Services

Natacha Saint-Lo

Director of Professional Services & Customer Care
Kendall Longley, Andar Software, Director of IT Infrastructure & Hosting

Kendall Longley

Director of IT Infrastructure & Hosting

The Andar Software Timeline

Helix Ltd. is Formed
André Marcil and Réal Bédard met while working together at a consulting firm and established their own firm (Helix Ltd.). They quickly became involved in the nonprofit industry and developed Andar/360 to meet the technology needs of nonprofit organizations.
Acquisition by Volaris Group
After successfully growing a large customer base and processing billions of dollars of donations for nonprofit organizations, Helix Ltd. was acquired by Volaris Group, a subsidiary of Constellation Software, Inc., headquartered near Toronto, Ontario. Volaris is committed to strengthening and growing vertical market technology companies by buying and holding them forever. Simultaneously, Access International (Helix's largest competitor) was purchased.
Introducing Andar Software
The operations of Helix Ltd. and Access International were merged and Andar Software was announced.
Acquisition of DMC Technologies
Andar Software Inc. acquired the Andar-related assets of DMC Technologies, a cloud hosting and professional services provider. This strategic acquisition complemented Andar's existing service offering by adding pledge processing, financial processing, and comprehensive cloud hosting services. 
Andar Software Welcomes New General Manager
Réal Bédard announced that he would follow his co-founder, André Marcil, into retirement. Harry Veening was welcomed to Andar Software as the new General Manager. Harry's leadership and strategic vision for Andar mean we will continue to innovate and enhance Andar/360, our modules and APIs, professional services, and hosting. Harry has extensive knowledge and experience in the nonprofit industry to position Andar as a leading integrated nonprofit software platform.

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