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Surpass Your Fundraising Goals with Donor Management

Capture critical donor information, record all interactions and raise more funds with meaningful donor analytics. 

Achieve Better Fundraising Outcomes

By keeping track of donor preferences, demographics, passions, giving history, and additional data touchpoints, you can better communicate with your donors to drive engagement and achieve better fundraising outcomes.
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Donor Management Success Story

At United Way of Central Minnesota, Chris Gutterud focused on donor engagement and finding ways to motivate donors to give. His organization used an impressive amount of data in Andar/360 to personalize communications and engage donors to achieve the vision. 

Using Donor Data to Personalize the Donor Experience

Truly Understand Your Donors

Your relationships are at the heart of your mission and nurturing them is crucial for your success. Track all of your research, communications, next steps, and goals in our integrated CRM solution. Andar/360 provides effective donor management tools for everyone at your organization.

Capture and Analyze Data

With Andar/360, you can analyze up to 20 years of giving - that's a lot of data! Analyzing historical data and donor trends will help you better prepare for your future campaign strategy. 

Increase  Engagement

Gain a holistic view of your constituent ecosystem in one central place. Uncover actionable insights that can be used to better understand and engage your supporters.

Efficiently Process Funds

Enter, manage, reconcile, and distribute funds and capture all donations efficiently. Plus, easily integrate with other financial solutions to quickly export and import your data.

Meaningful Communications

Capitalize on donor data and deploy targeted and personalized donor communications via email, texts, and direct mail.
  • "Phenomenal CRM. I love how Andar is a user-friendly application and hosts so many ways to adequately store donor data."
    Austin P |  Community Engagement Specialist

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