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i-Attend: All-in-One Event Solution

Manage Great Events in a Single Platform

Ensure your events are a success with painless email event promotion, custom registration pages, secure credit card payments, and more, all with i-Attend.
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Streamline Your Event Management 

Simple Online Registration

Build your RSVP lists with branded and customized event registration web pages. Utilize
 i-Attend to collect payment at the point of registration. Running a free event? No problem
 i-Attend can gather attendees for your unpaid events too.

Collect & Process Event Payments

Run simultanious events. Choose from multiple fee structures to accommodate your event type - such as pay later and pay as corporate gift options. Even apply coupons at the point of transaction.

Gather Registrant Preferences

Utilize the online survey tool to collect additional information about attendees, such as dietary preferences and allergies. Prompt registrants to complete the survey during registration or follow-up with an emailed survey.

Send Automated Emails to Attendees

Upon registration, send automatic confirmation emails and more. Send mass invitations, reminders, and/or newsletters to your event mailing list all within Andar/360.
Group of Event Attendees Aged 18-32

Process an Unlimited Number of Events & Registrations

You get to select the number of attendees per event. No extra fees will be applied if you exceed the registration amount because there's no limit to the number of attendees at your next event. We do advise that you keep your attendance size to the building occupancy limits. Invite away!!

Get a Read on the Room Before You Even Walk In

Before your event starts, you'll find up-to-the-minute results on the status of your event. You'll avoid manual data entry while keeping a pulse on event revenues. Once you've strutted your stuff at your live event, return to Andar/360 to find your results summarized in your event dashboard.
Reporting and Registration RSVP

Get all the Facts on i-Attend

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