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Connect with Your Nonprofit Peers in the Andar User Group Community

As nonprofit leaders, you understand the importance of community connection. 
At Andar Software, we've built a safe, moderated, and open-source community for users to ask questions, share a good laugh, and inspire one another with actionable advice. Plus, Andar Community members have a voice when it comes to the future of Andar/360.

Network in the Moderated Andar Slack Community

Whether you're looking for advice or want to share a new Andar/360 achievement, the Community Slack group is there for you. It's free to join, and participation is voluntary... although we think you'll be striking up a conversation soon enough!
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Become a part of the growing community of 50+ Andar/360 super users. As an Accelerate member, you'll get sneak peek access to upcoming products on our roadmap, share your valuable feedback to help shape the future of our software, and have exclusive opportunities to connect with our Director of Software & Technology. 
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Level-Up Your Andar/360 Skills during the Annual User Group Conference

We have sessions fit for every member of your nonprofit organization at our virtual User Group Conference. Hear from energizing keynote speakers, discover fellow nonprofit leaders' best practices, and engage in training. Enjoy sessions live from the comfort of your (home) office, or watch sessions at a later time, on-demand. The conference is an opportunity to connect with peers, network, and have fun!
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User Group Conference - Andar Community
  • "I love being able to bounce ideas off other Andar users and get feedback about how they use Andar at their United Ways. I’ve learned so much just by hanging out in the Slack Community and finding answers to questions I didn’t even know I had!"
    JoAnn Ohma |  Senior Data and Administration Manager
    United Way of Cass-Clay, Fargo, ND

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