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A Small Team Driving Big Fundraising Results: How United Way of Southwestern Indiana Runs 80 Corporate Online Giving Campaigns with e-Pledge 


United Way of Southwestern Indiana, Evansville, Indiana


Andar/360 and online giving powered by e-Pledge


80 workplace campaigns with corporate partners and $5 million in donations processed through e-Pledge

Brent Hill, CFO of United Way of Southwestern Indiana (UWSWI), says that choosing e-Pledge for online giving campaigns was a significant advantage for their internal team and donor base. 

Headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, UWSWI supports the Greater Evansville region with a focus on upward mobility through four pathways, including empowering employment, mental health, thriving next-gen, and social stability and growth. 

They partner with businesses to run United Way workplace campaigns, and now, 80%+ of them are powered by e-Pledge. 

Choosing e-Pledge as the Right Tool for Online Giving

With the benefits e-Pledge offers, including integrated online giving into the Andar/360 CRM, personalized donation pages, and supporting multiple ways to give, UWSWI saw its many advantages.

Also, e-Pledge provides excellent analytics for UWSWI since they now have the data of all the employees at the companies they partner with. They can review lapsed donors, those who have never given, or those who have increased their donations over time.

“Having great analytics at a company that we’re running a campaign for helps us and our campaign champions at those companies improve their campaigns.”

In 2017 – the early stages of using e-Pledge for online giving – UWSWI had limited companies using the tool for workplace campaigns. Everyone wears many hats at UWSWI, and the team of 10 is small but mighty. On top of CFO duties, Brent manages all things technology and e-Pledge, so he worked on a strategy to increase the number of companies using e-Pledge. 

“[Using e-Pledge] is an advantage to our pledge processing and really a big advantage to our donor base as well, so we came up with a strategy of how we wanted to go after more of our larger corporations and implement e-Pledge for them.”

Brent Hill, CFO, United Way of Southwestern Indiana

From 8 to 80 Workplace Giving Campaigns

UWSWI’s team began to communicate the benefits of e-Pledge to their corporate partners. They explained that it is easy for donors to give and the automated reporting it provides for the workplace campaign coordinators. After that, they offered a 30-min demo of e-Pledge. This included an explanation of e-Pledge customization options like design and different pledge types. 

8 companies signed up after hearing about the donor experience and how reporting is easy, automated, and practical. 

In 2020, the pandemic left many companies wanting to limit onsite visits and paper contact. UWSWI decided it was time to increase the promotion of e-Pledge and electronic pledge processing to all their corporate partners.

The targeted push was a hit; they went from 8 corporations to 80 using e-Pledge for online giving! Now 80% of all workplace campaigns UWSWI runs are powered by e-Pledge. 

The e-Pledge Impact on Online Giving

Today, UWSWI partners with small businesses and large (up to 6000 employees!) to run e-Pledge campaigns. From hospitals and law firms to technology companies, thousands of employees in various industries use e-Pledge. UWSWI has even had up to 30 campaigns running concurrently.

UWSWI has processed over $5 million in donations using e-Pledge, making a significant impact on the Greater Evansville region.

For more information on e-Pledge, contact our team.