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October 25, 2022

How your Nonprofit can Join the GivingTuesday Movement

Hanna Middleton

For the last ten years, on the Tuesday following American Thanksgiving, millions of individuals and organizations globally partake in GivingTuesday. The idea behind the GivingTuesday movement is simply to encourage people to practice generosity. This benevolence movement has inspired hundreds of millions worldwide to give back to their community, collaborate and do good. Mark your calendar as this year’s 10th anniversary of GivingTuesday is November 29th, 2022.    

This blog post will discuss how your nonprofit can kickstart and amplify your GivingTuesday campaign.   

How Nonprofits Participate in GivingTuesday 

#GivingTuesday is an inclusive movement for all! Charities, social enterprises, organizations, community groups, and more are all invited to join the movement. Since GivingTuesday itself does not collect funds, your nonprofit can leverage this movement’s energy for fundraising. Joining the GivingTuesday movement is as simple as you need it to be. Your organization does not need to register to participate, but if you’d like, you can register to join as a nonprofit partner

For a quick snapshot FAQ on nonprofit participation in GivingTuesday, check out the infographic below. 

GivingTueday FAQ Infographic for Nonprofit Organizations
Nonprofit FAQ Infographic

Tips for Setting up Your Nonprofits’ GivingTuesday Campaign

Establish Campaign Goals

Whether this is your first or tenth time participating in GivingTuesday, setting SMART goals for your campaign is the best place to start. As your first course of action, understand what your contribution to the movement will be, i.e., how you plan and execute your GivingTuesday campaign and measure success. Your goals will determine how you execute and deliver on an impactful day of spreading awareness and raising funds. 

Ask yourself the following when establishing your campaign goals:  

  • Will this campaign support our overall mission? 
  • What will success look like for this campaign? 
  • Are we asking for realistic contributions from our constituents? 
  • Do we have enough time to prepare a campaign that will stand out? 

Prepare Your Messaging and Communications

Will you be tying your GivingTuesday messaging into the season of giving thanks, or will you be relaying the messaging of your mission statement? Both are good strategies to take on their own, or you can tie the two together. When discussing the movement as a whole, you can simply reference GivingTuesday's key messages and talking points

When preparing your messaging, be sure to consider communication dos and don’ts. Here are a few examples: 

  • Do use an opportunistic tone that encourages all to participate. 
  • Do make the messaging, look and feel of GivingTuesday your own. 
  • Don’t make your donors the center of the messaging. Take time to thank all constituents.   

For guidance on how to make your GivingTuesday campaign stand out from your other fundraising events, be sure to check out the Getting Ready for GivingTuesday Workbook. To highlight one of the many important lessons taught in the workbook, here’s how to create an inspiring ask/call to action: combine a belief statement (a cause that someone can stand behind), a you statement (how you can create positive change for the cause), and an opportunity statement (inviting the individual to support the cause). The workbook also outlines how you can identify campaign ambassadors, build your campaign brand, and how to develop a campaign narrative.  

Spread the Word

Proclaim your GivingTuesday message on your website, through your email marketing, and on social media channels. Set up a successful email marketing campaign in advance of GivingTuesday. A few weeks to a month prior, inform and remind your constituents that you will be participating and encourage them to start thinking about how they too can get involved. Give your email recipients a chance to donate before November 29th or have them signup to volunteer for any larger gatherings or events you plan to host for GivingTuesday.   

Build some hype around your campaign in advance of November 29th on social media too. Create a visually captivating GivingTuesday campaign that is authentic to your organization and community. If you don’t have the design skillset on your team no need to fret. GivingTuesday prepared an entire collection of materials to support your campaign including logo files, a collection of branded GIFs, a bank of stock photos, and dozens of pre-designed social media images for your posts, banners, and stories! Don’t forget to use the #GivingTuesday hashtag on your social media posts to expand your reach.  

GivingTuesday Canva Example
Pre-Designed Social Media Image from Canva

Generate Generosity and Raise Funds This GivingTuesday

Picture this, you’re engaging your donors, volunteers, and community and spreading the word of generosity this November 29th. You’re inspiring acts of goodness, community involvement, and, best of all, many generous folks to want to donate to your cause! Now ask, where am I going to collect my GivingTuesday funds? Easily launch your giving campaign with Andar/360’s online fundraising tools that process billions in online donations annually. Send your donors to a web-accessible donation page to collect funds from various payment types with the peace of mind that donors’ data is secure. To keep in the spirit of GivingTuesday, consider our branded donation page.  

Ask us how we can help create custom online donation collection pages that encourage donors to give while streamlining your administrative work. 

Blog Article by Hanna Middleton, Marketing Manager, Andar Software