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Grow Your Mission By Raising Funds Online

With Andar/360 online fundraising tools, you can easily run your online giving campaigns in the community and workplaces. Process millions in donations, build long-term donor relationships and analyze data for donor engagement.

Online Fundraising for Workplaces and Donors In Your Community

Inspire your donors to give with beautiful online donation pages. Connect with workplaces and encourage employees to give back and contribute to their local communities. Better understand your online fundraising efforts by knowing how your donors give and what matters to them the most. Andar/360's effective and integrated online fundraising tools power your mission.  
Online Fundraising

Online Fundraising Success Story

Making a move to online fundraising through Andar/360 was an excellent investment of both time and money for United Way California Capital Region. They were able to save money on paper pledge processing and the pure amount of labor that was previously needed for data entry. It was a huge win for their organization and their donors.

Successfully Transitioning a 
60-year-old Charitable Campaign from Paper Pledge Form to Online

Raise more money online 

Run your online giving campaigns in the community and at workplaces easily. Create a seamless online fundraising experience and encourage your donors to give. Streamline administrative work with real-time integration to Andar/360 nonprofit CRM database.

Integrated Online Giving

Process donations and all donor data in real-time into an integrated donor-centric database. Have a complete picture of your fundraising progress.

Beautiful Online Donation Pages

Customize your online donation pages with your branding, mission and style that best resonates with your donors. Create a frictionless giving experience with a donate now button.

Corporate Giving Campaigns

Facilitate giving in your workplace via a donation website that’s personalized based on your needs and branded with your corporate messaging and media. 

Multiple Ways to Give

Accept donations in many ways such as payroll, cash, credit card or even paper pledges. Donors can choose to designate their funds to a company-specific list of agencies and impact areas.
  • "[With online fundraising] we created a better system for us - it was awesome! It saved us so much time and labor and was a huge win for us.
    Tabitha Angel |  Senior Director
     United Way California Capital Region