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Andar/360: The Proven Donor Management CRM Built for United Ways

Andar/360 is a robust and powerful CRM and Donor Management tool designed by and for United Ways. For more than 30 years, Andar/360 has powered United Ways to process millions in donations, analyze data for strategic decision making, build long-term donor relationships and sync to other systems and software.
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Financial Processing and Payouts Designed for You

Whether you have a three-year funding cycle, fund annually, or both, Andar/360 can manage your process. Fund programs based on your impact agenda, initiatives, or a traditional allocation process. Automate and manage pledges for subsidiaries located outside of your service area, and have your general ledger information set up to integrate between your fundraising and finance systems for easy reconciling and reporting. 
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Donor management and financial processing and payouts

The Best CRM and Donor Management for Your United Way

Collaborate with all teams at your United Way using one central donor database fully integrated to create value for every department. Analyze crucial donor data to make smarter, faster decisions for donor engagement, retention, and hitting your fundraising goal.

United Way Donor Management

Capture critical donor information, record all interactions and raise more funds with meaningful donor analytics. 
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United Way Online Giving

Easily run your online giving campaigns in the community and workplaces.

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United Way Analytics and Metrics

Quickly access crucial data to make smarter, faster decisions to increase donor engagement.

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United Way Events and Volunteers

Have everything you need to make sure your events are successful. Recruit and retain valuable volunteers.
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Success Story: Andar/360 for United Ways

At United Way of Elgin and Middlesex, Aness Symons saw the value in Andar/360 and having all tools in one, integrated, powerful system.

How An Integrated CRM Saves You Time and Outputs Better Data For Your United Way

  • "Andar/360 is an all-around winner! The thing I like best about Andar/360 is how comprehensive it is. We don't need to have a different piece of software or a different service for each department. Andar/360 has tools for digital and traditional giving, revenue processing, volunteering, events, texting, digital RFP submission and evaluation, marketing, KPIs, data analysis, extensive reporting and more."
    Stephanie Burton |  Director of Databases
    Metro United Way, Louisville, KY

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