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Receive More Donations by Putting a Moves Management Strategy in Place


United Way of Broward County, Fort Lauderdale, FL



Fundraising Reach

$18 Million Annually


Andar MIG (Major Individual Gift)


Moves Management

United Way of Broward County Implemented a Moves Management Strategy to Increase their Donations.

It was becoming really hard to manage such a large base of prospective donors, and this United Way knew they had to change how they outreach in order to increase their impact power.

Challenges: Lack of Data-Backed Donor Decisions

There were little strategy and structure behind how United Way of Broward County approached individuals in companies. It was common for them to decide on who to contact, but there wasn’t much data backing up their decision-making. For instance, they were able to see that if only 15% of employees in a company donated, there was the potential for outreach to the remaining 85% of employees, but that was too vague of a number to be strategic. Of that 85%, they didn’t know what level those individuals were and what strategy to use to approach them. They needed to look deeper into their data.

United Way of Broward County also realized that their presentation potential had dwindled over the years. Where in the past they would do fifty or sixty presentations at each company, now they were only going in for the big leadership kickoff meeting — this meant that their in-person reach was much smaller, and they needed a new plan of action for outreach.

"By using Moves Management, we are now strategic about who we have on the database, and the next move that we need to make. It’s keeping us more focused.”

Tony Hopper, VP, Workplace Development, United Way of Broward County

Solutions: Data Mining Operations

United Way of Broward County implemented Moves Management meetings which they didn’t have before. These meetings occur every couple of weeks, and only once a month during campaign season. During the sessions, they pull reports from Data Mining Operations from Andar and then assign Moves Management lists to managers that can focus on who they are looking at moving through their companies and cultivating.

Thanks to the data in Moves Management, they were able to identify people who were good candidates for in-person events. Instead of sending out an impersonal email blast to the entire database, they concentrated on calling prospective donors from their Moves Management lists to personally invite them. Doing this made their outreach more effective because they targeted individuals who had a high potential of interest. They also used the Moves Management data to identify individuals that were good candidates to speak at events because they had a history of participation and giving.

"Where we used to send out a full email blast to the full database, we’re now using Moves Management to identify prospective donors that we should call to invite them to events. This makes our outreach more targeted and personalized.”

Tony Hopper, VP, Workplace Development, United Way of Broward County

Results: Moves Management Increased Major Giving

The new Moves Management strategy enabled United Way of Broward County to switch their focus from individual giving to major giving. As an example, they run the report of individuals who give $2,500 or above, and add them to the Moves Management list as “Cultivators,” so that during the summertime even if the campaign isn’t running, they are reaching out to those people to meet with them one-on-one and invite them to events.

They also carefully analyzed what being in the “leadership” level meant for donors and why they donated. This change in focus resulted in substantial growth in their three highest leader levels. They noted a 30% increase in Signature donations ($7,500), a 20% increase in Pillar donations ($5,000), and a 9.5% increase in Alexis de Tocqueville donations ($10,000 and above.)

What’s next for United Way of Broward County? They’ll start using prospecting codes to segment and personalize their outreach, which will maximize their Moves Management process even further.