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Outlook Connect Anywhere

Your One-Click Connector Between Outlook & Andar/360

Take your productivity to the next-level with Outlook Connect Anywhere. With one-click, your emails with donors, board members, or volunteers are uploaded to Andar/360’s communication log. Paint the full picture of your constituents for all staff to see.
Outlook Connect Anywhere

Enrich Your Database by Storing Constituent Communications

Simple, One-Click Email Uploads

It's easy to upload emails and calendar invites to Andar/360 with just one click. You have full control over which emails you choose to upload, and you can upload from any device at any time without having to log into Andar/360.

Single-Source of Truth for Your Past Communications

Enhance your team’s communication processes. With Outlook Connect Anywhere, your team can turn to Andar/360 for all historical and recent communications with key stakeholders

Elevate Relationship Management

Personalize your next request for donations of major gifts by reviewing past emails with donors. Gain insights on which messaging was effective in connecting with donors and converting them.

Keep Your Communications Secured

Configure your communication log settings to restrict access to specific staff members. Organize your Outlook communications by sorting them into different folders based on their importance or sensitivity level.

It's Easy as 1, 2, 3

Easy Installation for all Technical Skill Levels
Enable Outlook Connect Anywhere integration in minutes. Your system administrator can complete team-wide access in a breeze.
Upload from Any Device in a Matter of Seconds
When you log into your email account from your cell phone, Outlook on the web, or Windows Outlook, you'll find the built-in 'Upload Communication' button.
Locate all Uploads With Ease
View all uploaded emails in the Andar communication log or within the individual account profiles. Store your phone conversations, emails, and meetings in the communication log.

Discover all the Outlook Connect Anywhere Features

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Connecting to Your 
Microsoft Email Server

Configure to connect directly with your Microsoft Office 365 or 
Microsoft Exchange Server (2016 or newer).