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Outlook Connect Anywhere

Ready to learn how you can easily save your communications in Andar/360? Watch this handy video or read the video captions below.

Outlook Connect Anywhere Video Captions

[0:00] Today we will learn how to use one button to simply upload all Microsoft Outlook communications into Andar/360 with Outlook Connect Anywhere.

[0:11] What is Outlook Connect Anywhere? It’s an Andar/360 module and a handy time-saver that syncs all from Microsoft Outlook to Andar/360. With Outlook Connect Anywhere you can easily collaborate and share information about donors, partners, and volunteers with everyone in your organization. Say goodbye to manual updates and siloed-lost emails. Dive into powerful functionality that keeps everyone in the know and strengthens constituent relationships.

Example of How Nonprofits Use Outlook Connect Anywhere

[0:32] Meet James. James uses outlook connect anywhere to bridge the gap between his healthcare Andar/360 accounts and all communications sent using Microsoft Outlook.

[0:42] James specializes in research and development for a mental health organization. Each year he attends a healthcare conference, where all representatives meet to gain knowledge and share ideas for improvement in their organizations.

[0:53] At this year’s conference, James connected with many healthcare professionals who were sharing their research funding methods. He was introduced to Tracy, who specialized in healthcare fundraising. She offered her services in event planning to help raise funds and awareness for their mental health research.

[1:07] He had a great conversation with her about how his organization can grow their donor database with a fundraising event. After the conference, they exchange contact information through Outlook. And with one easy button, James saves this to his Andar/360 for future use.

[1:18] In an end-of-year meeting, the team reflects on the progress they have made and what to focus on in the future. James pulls out his phone to find contacts he made at the healthcare conference a few weeks prior. Tracy’s contact is found in the Andar/360. He quickly sends a follow-up email to Tracy to begin planning a mental health fundraiser for the year to come. 

Save Critical Communications to Help Your Organizational Brain

[1:36] After networking with so many individuals at the conference, it would have been difficult to find their contact information when time has passed. Connect Anywhere solves this issue but securing this information in an organizational memory, so you don’t have to remember the small details yourself.

[1:48] Your fundraising organization, including you and your constituents, can have record communication. Anyone can upload communications to Andar/360 without being logged into the system. This means everyone in your organization can benefit from Outlook Connect Anywhere, even if they are not an Andar/360 user.

[2:03] The Outlook Connect Anywhere button can be used with Microsft Outlook desktop, iPhone, Android, or web at any time, anywhere.

[2:11] Share email and communication messages on the fly with the use of Andar/360 in your organization. Keep track of the history with Outlook Connect Anywhere and stop worrying about missing the facts!

To Recap

[2:22] To recap, with Outlook Connect Anywhere you can:

  • Centralize all communications with donors and key stakeholders in Andar/360
  • See a quick summary of all recent communications
  • Review all relevant communications on one screen and schedule a follow-up
  • Remove silos in your organization with sharing all individual communications with everyone

For more information, please contact the Andar Software team.