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Welcome Diamond Technologies Customer!

We are eager to partner with you for cloud hosting and managed service needs. Below are the top three reasons to transition to Andar Software Hosting from Diamond Technologies:
We are a premium provider of nonprofit cloud hosting for nearly a hundred nonprofit organizations. We know that your fundraising and campaign success relies on your applications' availability, speed, and performance, and the environment you run them in must be reliable and secure.
As a Diamond Technologies partner, we will ensure a smooth transition and high quality of service. No need to worry about downtime - you can focus on what you do best while we get your applications up and running.
We offer comprehensive security, reliability, state-of-the-art equipment, an extensive catalog of managed services, and competitive pricing.

Andar Hosting: Your Trusted Alternative to Diamond Technologies

Andar Cloud Hosting Services

Workstation and Mobile Device Management

Have your workstation and mobile devices managed and protected behind the scenes. Ensure that all devices and apps that your employees are using are compliant with security requirements.

Endpoint Protection  

Protect your workstation behind the scenes with Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV) technology. 

DNS Management

Have your DNS (Domain Name System) configured to monitor your website for performance issues, error pages and malicious attacks before they occur.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Monitoring, backup and disaster recovery are accounted for. In the event of a disaster in one data center,  your access remains available in the other. 


Improve email deliverability with with built-in capabilities to validate recipients prior to sending to supress invalid email recipients.  

Application Integration

Get the most out of your software applications such as Andar/360, MIP, Mailchimp and Constant Contact through our integration services.

Microsoft Management Services 

License, management, and backup of all Office 365 programs including Outlook, SharePoint and much more. Easy online access of all programs.   

Choice of Region

Follow the appropriate data security requirements, and host your data in your country of choice, the United States, or Canada.

Andar Cloud Hosting Benefits

Traditional IT systems can be costly, difficult to scale, and lead to challenges due to physical setup limitations.
Leave your IT worries, equipment, and costs behind. With cloud hosting your data is accessible from anywhere, anytime.
Significant Cost Savings for IT
Competitively priced solution for outsourcing all of your information technology resources. Instead of purchasing in-house equipment, leave the hardware to us, and avoid the risk of unexpected expenses.
24/7 Access from Anywhere
All your data, applications, email or software are accessible anywhere on the go. 

Increased Data Security
Peace of mind knowing your data is secure. Dedicated team of cyber security experts for 24/7 monitoring and response. An A+ security rating for all hosted websites for premium donor security.
Timely Updates and Backups
Always use the newest version of software with the latest features and functionality. We handle all updates and upgrades for you.