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Meet Our Data Policy Manager! An Andar/360 Superhero Fighting Bad Data One Day at a Time

Below, we see that the lead data entry specialist states that "no one cares if [data] is correct!" Luckily, our Andar/360 superhero is here to teach her the importance of consistent data entry. Informatively, this bad data-fighting superhero shows her the data policy manager in Andar/360. This handy policy reminder appears in every window of Andar/360 to make sure data is consistent and accurate. Another win for clean data!

Data Policy Manager Comic Strip

How important is clean data to your team? For infrequent database users, data may be a secondary thought. However, for employees who are using data daily, data cleanliness can be very important. For example, when you pull a report from your database, you want to feel confident that your numbers reflect real-time information. You don't want stale data points that haven't been touched since 2014.

Further, a problem many organizations face is that data is entered haphazardly. Likewise, it is best practice to have a set of rules guiding how users enter data into a CRM.

About Our Data Policy Manager

Data quality begins with data entry. Every organization should have policies describing how data should be entered into Andar/360 in order for your data to be consistent and retrievable. Without data entry policies, your organization runs the risk of:

  • Having mail lists that are unreliable
  • Data trends analysis may be impossible
  • Accurate account selection may not be possible due to varying or unknown data criteria

The Data Policy Manager module eliminates the need to update, publish and distribute policy documents to every user in order to keep your data clean and usable.

Features & Functionality

  • Policy Reminders for Database Users
  • Data Management
  • Document and Links Attachment to Policy Manager
  • Multiple Instances That Show if a Policy is Missed

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