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January 26, 2023
5 Tips to Help Your Nonprofit Employees Succeed in 2023
The road ahead to achieve 2023 fundraising goals is likely on the minds of nonprofit employees as they settle back into the office this New Year. Before your employees fall back into the routine, check-in and ensure that your processes, people, and technology are in the best position possible to help your nonprofit succeed in […]
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November 29, 2022
How Grantmakers can Streamline the Grant Management Process
Grant giving from one nonprofit organization to their nonprofit agency partners helps to drive communal change in dozens of social good areas. Historically, the nonprofit allocating funds to programs and agencies – known as the grantmaker – would base their funding on the need described by their agency partner – referred to as the grantseeker. […]
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October 25, 2022
How your Nonprofit can Join the GivingTuesday Movement
For the last ten years, on the Tuesday following American Thanksgiving, millions of individuals and organizations globally partake in GivingTuesday. The idea behind the GivingTuesday movement is simply to encourage people to practice generosity. This benevolence movement has inspired hundreds of millions worldwide to give back to their community, collaborate and do good. Mark your […]
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October 17, 2022
Best Practice Tips to Drive Donor Engagement with Email Marketing
Donor engagement, often viewed as the ability to develop and nurture your donor base, stems from the need to expand your nonprofit’s reach and ultimately drive more donations. Reports show that 75% of charities have seen a decline in at least one type of donation since the first quarter of 2020; the need to retain […]
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August 3, 2022
How to Achieve Inbox Success and Avoid Being Collateral Damage in the Internet Service Provider (ISP) Email Wars
Email deliverability is an important - and most overlooked - element of every email campaign. The sooner you address the factors that impact deliverability, the better to protect yourself in the ISP email wars. Preferably, right now!
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July 15, 2022
Meet Our Data Policy Manager! An Andar/360 Superhero Fighting Bad Data One Day at a Time
Below, we see that the lead data entry specialist states that "no one cares if [data] is correct!" Luckily, our Andar/360 superhero is here to teach her the importance of consistent data entry. Informatively, this bad data-fighting superhero shows her the data policy manager in Andar/360. This handy policy reminder appears in every window of […]
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March 12, 2022
Upgrading Your Nonprofit’s 2022 Data Strategy: What You Need
A robust data strategy comes with a few major benefits. When you can consistently generate valuable insights to guide your fundraising decisions, your nonprofit can enjoy many benefits. To make sustainable improvements to your data strategy, you’ll need the right tools and resources. Read more to see the recommendations.
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July 16, 2021
The Growing Dangers of Ransomware and Our Commitment to a Secure, Safe Environment 
You’ve probably heard about it in the news, on TV, in a recent tweet or during a conversation at work. Does it sometimes feel like the threat of ransomware is everywhere these days? In this article, you will learn about: The growing dangers of ransomware The frightening facts of ransomware Our commitment to safety and security with hosting and service upgrades
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February 25, 2021
How to Send Better Thank You Letters to Get Larger Donations
Eric Crammond from Andar Software hosted a webinar with Gary Goscenski from Perspectives Consulting, Send Better Thank You Letters, Get Larger Donations. Here's a recap of valuable takeaways presented by Gary.
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