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How do over 400 nonprofit organizations find success and process billions in donations with Andar Software? Today, we will answer this question by discussing all things Andar/360.

Known for being a robust and powerful CRM, Andar/360 helps nonprofit organizations do what they do best with functionality for every department.

Andar/360 for Every Department Video Captions

[0:00] How do over 400 nonprofit organizations find success and process billions in donations with Andar Software? Today, we will answer this question by discussing all things Andar/360.

[0:11] Known for being a robust and powerful CRM, Andar/360 helps nonprofit organizations do what they do best with functionality for every department.

[0:19] Built specifically to fit the needs of nonprofits, Andar/360 unites all teams around key stakeholders including donors and community impact partners by storing all data in one central location.

[0:30] Memorizing and keeping track of all communications and activities with constituents is an impossible task for your human brain. With Andar/360 as your organizational brain, you no longer have to remember all the small details. All reliable information is recorded in your CRM – your central place of truth to grow relationships.

How Different Nonprofit Teams Use Andar/360

[0:48] Let's look at how all departments use Andar/360.

Resource Development

[0:50] First, Resource Development - a versatile multi-purpose CRM is at the heart of their efforts. They manage all daily activities from online fundraising, researching, prospecting, relationship management, and marketing to get to their final goal: delivering an impactful campaign. On top of all this, they can even do this on the go from a mobile device!

Finance Teams

[1:09] Finance teams love Andar/360 too. They know where their donors' dollars and cents are at all times, and leave audit and compliance worries behind. They enter, manage, reconcile, offer tax receipts and statements and distribute funds efficiently. Plus, Andar/360 easily connects with other financial solutions through a quick export and import of financial data.

Community Engagement

[1:30] Community Engagement teams build and maintain relationships and provide the opportunity to agencies while tracking the impact of the investments. They can monitor every campaign stage, recruit volunteers, and measure successful results.

IT Teams

[1:42] IT teams thrive with Andar/360's solid infrastructure and security. With integrated technology, hosting services, and database support, we are an extension of IT.

Processing Teams

[1:54] When it comes to Processing Teams and Analysts, it's all about the data. Andar/360 is fully customizable – reducing data entry time – and offering many powerful ways to capture and analyze data. They never worry about duplicates or a messy database and use Andar/360 tools to create dashboards with good data.

Executives and Board Members

[2:10] And lastly, all Executives benefit by staying on top of their teams' goals with access to organization-wide dashboards and reports they can easily monitor. With all data in one system, they have peace of mind knowing that data is captured, valuable, and used to drive great results.

[2:25] As you can see, all departments in your organization benefit from a fully integrated CRM that provides you with a complete picture of your donor.

Benefits of an Integrated CRM

[2:33] With Andar/360, you can…

  1. Build lasting relationships with your stakeholders
  2. Process millions of dollars efficiently and raise funds online
  3. Make strategic decisions to boost success and have the greatest community impact
  4. Cultivate volunteers and run successful events

[2:48] Looking to improve your organization's CRM with Andar/360? Visit our website to book a consultation and begin your journey with Andar. We hope to see you there!  

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i-Access is an Andar/360 module that connects you live to your Andar/360 Dashboards and Bio Tabs through the web browser of your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. This easy and cost-effective solution allows you and your organization to be productive on the go while building relationships to strengthen your community and expand your campaigns.

i-Access Video Captions

[0:00] Today we are going to be learning about all things i-Access. What is i-Access you may ask? It's an Andar/360 module that connects you live to your Andar/360 dashboards and bio-tabs to the web browser of your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

[0:15] With i-Access, you can work and be productive while building relationships to strengthen your community and expand your campaign.

[0:20] This easy and cost-effective solution is a way for your entire organization to access and work in Andar/360 online.

i-Access Example

[0:28] Interested in seeing i-Access in action? Let's meet Kelly. She's a Philanthropy Officer for a health charity. Kelly's role is to meet with donors and prospective donors to secure major gifts for her nonprofit organization. She travels a lot across North America visiting major gift prospects. Fortunately, her organization uses Andar/360 and has the i-Access module which helps Kelly stay productive and organized.

[0:51] Let's take a look at how Kelly uses i-Access while on the road. Today, Kelly has a meeting with a prospect for a major gift. Bill, the potential donor, mentioned he is currently deciding which health charity he will donate a million dollars to. This is a very important meeting for Kelly. Kelly has a great conversation with Bill and learns that he is an avid remote airplane control flyer and that it's his favorite hobby. Bill mentions to Kelly that he is moving next week to his new home in the Hamptons.

[1:14] Feeling that the meeting went well, Kelly opens i-Access from her phone and dictates important notes into the system - even noting that Bill's favorite hobby is remote control airplanes. These notes will now appear in Bill's bio-tab. While sitting in the parking lot of Bill's office, Kelly updates Bill's new address he gave her during the meeting.

[1:31] Meanwhile, back at the office, Kelly's manager Harriet uses i-Access to review Bill's account online. She sees notes about Bill's interest and his address change. Harriet acts quickly and decides to send bill a direct mail piece that includes a paper airplane cutout and a thank you letter with one more ask for a major gift.

[1:47] By the time Kelly returns from her trip, Bill has already donated the million dollars.

[1:51] By being able to update all the important account information on the road, and easily accessing it back at the office, this is just one of many successes that can be expected when using i-Access.

Benefits of Accessing Data on the go

[2:00] To recap, with i-Access you can

[2:14] Use i-Access now so you'll never forget the small details.

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Picture This: You are about to flip the switch on what you hope to be a blockbuster campaign. You and your team have been working nights and weekends to prepare. Your landing page is ready. Your campaign emails are written, designed, and ready to go live. But what about your email deliverability rate? How does it rank? Heck, do you even know what email deliverability is?

In this article by our Director of IT, Kendall Longley, you'll learn all about email deliverability and the steps you can take to ensure inbox success.

Internet Service Providers & Blocklisting

Every single day, there is collateral damage in the ISPs' endless war on spam. Good campaigners pitching legitimate services and worthy causes are struggling with email deliverability. ISPs are constantly tweaking their methods of catching spam and spammers - from zeroing in on suspicious subject lines to blocklisting suspicious IP addresses. No system is perfect, and legitimate email campaigners are often caught in the crossfire.

Just a few years ago, ISPs measured just two things: hard bounces and spam complaints. If your hard bounces were under 5% and spam complaints within .010% (a tenth of a percent) threshold — that's one complaint per thousand emails — you were considered reputable. Today's ISPs assemble several metrics, including user click-through rates, to define your overall score. To make matters even more complex, the formula they use is constantly changing. Things are getting more complicated in the ISP email wars. The good news is you don't have to be an innocent casualty - if you take the right steps now.

Are You Overlooking Email Deliverability?

Email deliverability is an important - and most overlooked - element of every email campaign. The sooner you address the factors that impact deliverability, the better to protect yourself in the ISP email wars. Preferably, right now! Email campaigns get results. But to succeed with it, you must address deliverability.

Email Deliverability Rates and Open Rates: Two Important and Different Metrics

As a campaigner, you've probably heard of the term open rate. Open rate reflects the percentage of people who end up opening your campaign email in their inbox, rather than marking it as spam, ignoring it, or deleting it without reading it.

The open rate pertains only to the emails that make it to the recipient's inbox. The deliverability rate considers all the emails that, for whatever reason, don't get to the inbox in the first place. Let's face it: nobody is going to open an email that they haven't even received. Yes, good subject lines and strategic sending times matter, but without a consistently high rate of deliverability, subject lines and sending patterns won't make much of a difference.

How Open Rate Affects Campaign Success

Campaigners typically measure the success of their email campaign by the open rate. However, the open rate doesn't tell the whole story. Let's say the open rate for your email campaign is 20%. 1 out of every 5 recipients - who received your email - took the time to open it. Sounds good, right? But what if you have a lower-than-average deliverability rate of 50%? That's going to be a big problem!

It's critically important to distinguish between intended recipients and actual recipients. Among actual recipients, your open rate stands at 20%. But among intended recipients, your open rate is reduced by half, to just 10%. That's half as many opens, half as many donations, and potentially half as much revenue generation from your email campaign. Yikes! NOW you can see why deliverability matters so much!

How ISPs Identify Spammers

Since spam is so incredibly annoying to just about everybody, it's no surprise that ISPs are waging open war against spammers. The first step in any war is identifying the enemy. ISPs use the following tools, signs, and signals to distinguish the bad guys from the good guys:

Spam Traps

Spam traps are old inboxes ISPs reactivate to identify illegitimate emails. These addresses have never opted-in for your email, so whatever hits their inboxes is identified as spam.

Hard Bounce Rates

A hard bounce means that the email address no longer exists or that the ISP does not recognize it. Both are indicators for spam. A soft bounce can come from a temporary problem with the recipient's mail server. But soft bounces can turn into hard ones if the mail can't be delivered after several tries.

Compliant Rates

Chances are you've hit the "mark as spam" button on annoying and/or sleazy marketing emails that pushed you over the edge. Each time a recipient marks your campaign email as spam your Complaint rate increases.

Email Volume

If you are sending thousands of emails or more, realize that you are under the ISPs' microscope. They will be watching you extra closely for suspicious activities. If you are a high-volume sender, you can't afford not to be on your best behavior.

3 Best Practices for Good Email List Hygiene

A good sender reputation depends on good data hygiene. Your sender reputation depends heavily on the quality of your mailing list, and the quality of your list depends on the care you take in keeping it clean, accurate and up to date! Here are three tips for you:

  1. Use only opt-in lists, and don't use lists where end users have opted-in to someone other than yourself. Purchasing an opt-in list from a third party — who may be in a different industry — is very risky. Make it as easy as possible for recipients to unsubscribe. Offer multiple opt-out paths, generate regular re-permission campaigns and clean lists of inactive subscribers frequently. These are the best ways to avoid spam complaints and hard bounces, which can seriously damage your reputation.
  2. Be vigilant about from addresses, subject lines, and email content. ISPs like to see a from line that identifies you, rather than a third party, as the sender. Check frequently which trigger words set off spam filters (these are constantly changing) and use best-practice content creation.
  3. Be cautious about email frequency. Sending too many emails in too short a time could end up making frustrated recipients who classify your email as spam, even if they opted-in with you.

Incorporating these steps as part of the preparation for your campaign will help you earn a high deliverability rate which is key to achieving and keeping the trust of ISPs.