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Andar Software History Moment: Our Name

Did you know that Andar Software was founded in 1988? But at that time our name was not yet Andar Software. Let's backtrack.

Formally Known as Helix Ltd.

André Marcil and Réal Bédard founded Andar Software Ltd. (formerly called Helix Ltd.) and, with great success, grew through Andar/360 - an enterprise-wide, CRM and donor management system for nonprofits. For more than 30 years, Andar Software has helped organizations of all sizes do more with less by providing more efficient ways to do their jobs through technology and a commitment to customer service.

In this Andar Software history moment video, Director of Marking and Revenue Hilary Hearn talks with Andar Software founder Réal Bédard about the name Andar and its origin.

Video Captions for Andar Software History Moment - Our Name

[0:00] Do you ever wonder where the name Andar came from?

[0:10] (Hilary Hearn) Réal, do you mind sharing the story of where the name Andar came from?

[0:14] (Réal Bédard) Sure Hilary! Let me take you back in time. [1990] We were developing a code generator, and we wanted to trademark the name of our new product. Whenever we would submit names to the trademark firm, they would search for potential infringements, and send us a report of similar names. The internet was essentially nonexistent at the time so each search cost us hundreds of dollars. At one point, we thought of using the name of the logical operators "and or", commonly used in programming, but the name Andor was taken. We noticed that Andar was available, so we went with that!

[1:15] It wasn't until years later that we realized that Andar means "to walk" in Spanish. The code generator's success was short-lived, so when we developed our nonprofit software, we decided to use the same name. And That's where the story of Andar came from.

[1:37] (Hilary Hearn) Thanks, Réal!

[1:40] Thank you for walking with us for all these years, and we look forward to many more years ahead!