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We invite you to join the likes of 675+ Andar Community Slack members.

The Andar Community is an open space where users share their questions and experiences about our software and the nonprofit industry in a friendly, collaborative environment. 

The Andar Community is a place for you to:
Ask for help and get advice from other Andar/360 users
Answer questions and support peers
Build your network and showcase your expertise
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If you're not already one of the millions using Slack daily, don't worry, it's free to join and simple to use. The Andar Community Slack is organized so there are various channels for different topics of discussion. In Slack, it is easy to share files and screenshots, conversations are indexed and searchable, and you can direct message the other community members. Plus they have emojis 👏
  • I love being able to bounce ideas off other Andar users and get feedback about how they use Andar at their United Ways. I’ve learned so much just by hanging out in the Slack Community and finding answers to questions I didn’t even know I had!"
    JoAnn Ohma |  Senior Data and Administration Manager
    United Way of Cass-Clay, Fargo, ND