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Request to Join 
Andar Accelerate ⚡ 

Andar Accelerate is an opportunity for our customers to help shape the future of our product -  Andar/360. The exclusive group of Andar/360 users meets 3 times a year to brainstorm with our Director of Development.

Before requesting to join Andar Accelerate, please review the following: 

What you can expect:
3 meetings per year with Andar Accelerate members and Tom Henry to share your opinion and discuss the future of Andar Software and Andar/360
Periodic product surveys that ask for your feedback on upcoming features
Acknowledgement of your membership at the Users Group Conference with an Andar Accelerate members lunch

What we expect from you:
Attend 3 Andar Accelerate meetings
Be an advocate of Andar sharing positivity regarding the product and company