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Thank You for Attending the 2023 Virtual User Group Conference

2 Days | 40 Live Sessions | Thought Leadership | Energizing Keynotes | Training
Two full days of learning and sessions on the topics that mean the most to you today. But, the learning won’t end there. You'll also get full access to the on-demand recording library of the sessions and keynotes. This is also an opportunity to connect with peers, network, and have fun! Plus, your entire team can attend the conference with just one purchase.

The User Group Conference Schedule is Now Available!

2 days of back-to-back educational sessions, training, networking opportunities, keynote presenters, and more.
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Keynote Presentations

Nneka Allen Presents The Power of "I" in the Charitable Sector

This Keynote session discusses the power of “I” statements and first-person narratives. Stories are much more than a book or narrative – they are the way our minds make sense of our lives and world. We work at understanding events and people by constructing stories to interpret what is occurring around us. 

So we must ask ourselves, what stories do we expose ourselves to? What stories do we accept as truth? How does this shape how we manifest our missions in the charitable sector? And most importantly, whom are we leaving behind?
More on Nneka's Work & Nonprofit Coaching
Nneka Allen With Bio
Angela Joens and Sarah Sims With Bio

3- Part Keynote Series on Measuring Your Nonprofit's Success, with Angela Joens and Sarah Sims 

Some days donor relations metrics can feel like a mystery. Everyone is asking, what do we track? How do we track it? What does our leadership want to see? You already have all the tools you need to be a super sleuth and to solve the mystery – you just need to look at it from a variety of angles. In parts 1 and 2, we explore what key metrics we should be developing and how to find these metrics in Andar/360.

Stewardship and donor relations practitioners know their work – internally and with donors – is both an integral and strategic component of the overall gift cycle. But how to convey that impact in metrics and language fundraisers will appreciate can be a challenge. Part 3 will cover how to share your metrics in a powerful and meaningful way. 

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 Tips to Help Boost Your Conference Experience

A quick-to-read infographic with 8 tips to help you and your team get the most out of your conference experience.
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Clover Connect Powered by Fiserv

Clover Connect is your back-end payments solution. Clover Connect's payment engine supports your software’s ever-growing vision with powerful and easy integrations backed by dedicated, always-on support teams. And now, your software can run on select Clover devices, turning your solution into a full-featured platform. 

Clover Connect is a PCI Compliant ACH Payment option for electronic payments made in Andar/360. The credit card or ACH information will be submitted to Clover Connect without going through your web server.

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Your Part-Time Controller

Since 1993, Your Part-Time Controller, LLC (YPTC) has focused exclusively on helping nonprofit organizations with their accounting, financial reporting, and best practices - quickly, efficiently, and accurately. We do one thing, and we do it well: financial management for nonprofits

YPTC works with all types of nonprofit organizations including social service agencies, arts and culture organizations, schools, religious institutions, membership-based organizations, museums, and foundations. Theysupport nonprofits of all sizes, and in any location, onsite or remotely. YPTC help nonprofits turn their accounting departments into a source of strength, so nonprofit leaders can focus on the work that counts: their mission.

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Guest Presenters

How to Stop Relying on Workplace Campaigns &  why you Should Stop Telling Your Partner's Stories

Meet our guest presentations from Perspectives Consulting group. Their April 5th session titled "Stop Relying on Workplace Campaigns, Raise Money Elsewhere" asks, how can your United Way fill the gap left by campaigns and continue to invest where your community needs it the most?

The minds at Perspectives Group suggest that you should "Quit Telling Your Partner's Stories, Share Your Impact!" during their April 6th session.
 Perspectives Consulting Group for United Ways
Bryn Bogemann and Gary Goscenski, Consultants

User Group Conference Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I attend the User Group Conference?
The virtual Andar Software User Group Conference has been highly rated by over a thousand attendees since first going virtual in 2021. This two-day event is jam-packed with sessions to educate, train, inspire, and connect our Andar user community. This year's conference features 35+ sessions from over 30 different presenters and co-presenters. This year, we're introducing a three-part keynote, adding longer more in-depth training, bringing together new thought leaders, and sharing more customer presenters' ideas. 
When is the User Group Conference?
April 5th to 6th with live sessions running from 9:00 am - 6:15 pm ET.
How do I pay for conference access?
Please complete payment using a credit card. If you are unable to complete your purchase via credit card, please contact us and we can arrange to collect payment by cheque.
Is the conference recorded?
Yes! We understand that it's not possible to attend every session live. That's why all sessions are recorded and available for viewing at a later date. Please note, session recordings will expire on December 31st, 2023. 
How many people from my organization can attend the conference?
We welcome all members of your team to the User Group Conference. Purchasing 1 conference pass gets your entire staff access! 
How do I attend the virtual conference?
Tune into the conference from the comfort of your home or office. Once your organization registers for the User Group Conference, your team will be provided with a link to Sched to sign-up. On Sched, you will find the full conference schedule and be able to build your personal agenda. Depending on the session, you will attend via GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, or Microsoft Teams.
What training will be provided?
This year's conference includes 7 training sessions that are 3.5 hours long each. That's 24.5 hours of training material! Each of our training sessions is led by our Andar experts. Training sessions covered at this year's conference include Introduction to Admin Best Practice Sharing, Introduction to Data Mining, New Andar/360 User Orientation, Campaign Basics, Introduction to e-Pledge, Introduction to Processing, and Leveling Up Data Mining. 
How do I know if my organization is registered to attend the event?
If you haven't heard word around the office that your organization is attending, send us an email at info@andarsoftware.com and we will look into it for you. 
How do I sign-up for individual conference sessions?
The individual who purchased User Group Conference access for your team should receive registration instructions via email. Included in this email is a link to register for sessions in Sched. Please register for Sched using your WORK EMAIL. If you are part of an organization that is attending and you have not yet received registration instructions, please contact us via email at info@andarsoftware.com.
Will I have access to the presentation decks and documents presented?
We want you to get the most out of your conference, during and after the sessions. You'll get access to a copy of presentation slide decks and we'll share documentation links with you. These will be included in the session descriptions.
How do I access the User Group Conference Slack channel?
Connect with other attendees, session leaders, and our conference support team via Slack. If you're already a member of our Andar Slack Community, our team will add you to the conference Slack channel once you register for the conference in Sched (please allow 1-2 days for us to add you to the Slack channel). If you're not yet an Andar Slack Community member, click here to join for free.

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  • “The Virtual Users Group Conference in 2021 was a great experience. The sessions were very well organized and the information provided was extremely helpful for multiple departments in my United Way. I especially liked how the sessions were recorded and available to re-watch throughout the year. It also allowed me to watch sessions that I missed while they were running live. Overall it was a wonderful experience!"
    Nikki Moschen | Senior Manager, Gift Stewardship
    United Way Suncoast

Thank you for Attending the Third Annual
 Virtual User Group Conference

We're counting down the day's unil the 2024 conference. 
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