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Andar/360 CRM

Donor Relationship Management

Your essentials for donor-centric interactions & fundraising

Build Lasting Relationships With Your Donors

Gain a comprehensive understanding of each and every donor. Securely store donors' basic profile information, donation history, preferred areas of impact, giving patterns, and more.

Raise Funds Online to Maximize Giving

Run your online giving campaigns in the community and workplace with secure, custom-branded online donation pages. Funds raised automatically sync with your database.

Improve Strategic Decision-Making with Robust Data

Stay up-to-date with your campaign progress and goals with organization-wide and role-based dashboards. View your KPIs in graphs, charts, and lists. Drill down into your data to uncover insights.

Boost Volunteer Engagement & Coordinate Impactful Events

Connect volunteers to opportunities that will transform your community. Promote in-person or virtual events with a streamlined registration and payment collection process.
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CRM Capabilities

  • Lead Generation, Nurturing & Cultivation
    Andar/360 is a relational database offering various profile types, including individual, household, organizations, and agencies. Collect, store, and analyze each profile type along hundreds of data points. By tapping into important details on how individuals interact with their employer and your organization, Andar/360 can help you identify, analyze, qualify, and cultivate meaningful relationships. Andar/360 automates workflows for donor journeys, making it simpler to stay on track and nurture leads.
  • Soliciting Donors for their Support

    Andar/360’s online donation solution, e-Pledge, has giving options for every donor. The online giving functionality can be customized for individual donor registration, pledges & donations, cause & giving campaigns, and company portals for employee campaigns. Offer a giving catalog, track gift types, amount, and frequency, allow for designated gifts, and ensure the process of receipt and recognition is considered for donors and partner agencies.

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  • Processing Powerhouse

    Andar/360 presents a wide range of tools designed especially for philanthropic organizations. Andar/360 supports self-registration and giving pages that can be customized to fit the requirements of different companies. These pages include opportunities for both donating and volunteering. Employee rosters can be pre-loaded onto managed giving pages, and non-respondents can receive prompts again. Non-profit partners are syndicated on the platform, providing giving and volunteering opportunities for potential donors.

    Financial processing within Andar/360 further eases administrative tasks with features for payroll remittance reports, deduction processing and reconciliation, invoice and statement generation, and AR Trial Balance/Aging Reports. Moreover, acknowledgments, tax receipting, and the handling of various transaction types such as Donor Advised and Stock are streamlined.

    Andar/360's robust data management tools allow for batch importing and duplicate reconciliation. Andar/360 integrates with GuideStar to perform nonprofit eligibility screenings.

    GuideStar x Andar/360 Integration
  • Build Stewardship & Enhance Engagement

    Engage with donors through events, volunteering, newsletters, and more. Automatically track interest data points in Andar/360 to help segment your constituents based on giving level or affiliation with specific groups. Track interests (using surveys and inferred), volunteer status, group memberships, and channel attribution. In Andar/360, donor interactions allow for simultaneous management of pledges, gift types, scoring engagement, and donor segmentation. Tap into the extensive moves management capabilities to plan and execute stewardship initiatives.

    Discover Mobile Access Through i-AttendFind Out More on e-Volunteer
  • Built-in & Integrated Marketing Capabilities

    Use Andar/360 donor data to segment donors and generate lists for tailored communications. Email directly from Andar/360 or sync with Constant Contact or Mailchimp for all email marketing activities, including running drip campaigns. Track open rates, unique clicks, subscribes and unsubscribes, interest ratings, and more using Andar/360.

    More on Mailchimp & Constant Contact Integrations
  • Built to Manage Your Workflow & Project Tasks

    Andar/360 has extensive note-taking and communication log abilities. Ensure all details, such as type of communication, time, subject code, people involved, follow-ups required with reminders, and notify others of the communication log directly via email by adding them to the log. For ease of integrating with your Microsoft Office 365, consider Outlook Connect Anywhere. Take your productivity to the next-level with Outlook Connect Anywhere. With one-click, your emails with donors, board members, or volunteers are uploaded to Andar/360’s communication log.

    Learn More on Outlook Connect Anywhere
  • Connecting Teams & Donors Through the Web

    The Andar/360 e-Community is your one-stop option for portals of all kinds – for donors, workplaces, partner agencies, volunteers, and more. The Andar e-Community Suite is comprised of 5 modules that integrate Andar/360 with the web in real-time. Any information gathered through e-Community websites is immediately updated in your Andar/360 database - eliminating data transfer and re-keying. Your e-Community modules work together to deliver webpages with a consistent look and branded message.

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    Find Out More on i-Attend
  • Report to Your Standards

    Andar/360 has hundreds of canned reports created by and for users, as well as extensive ad-hoc reporting through data mining operations. Store the results of data mining in warehouses for future use. Dashboards, both pre-built and customized, bring the various data points to the forefront for analysis such as tracking donations, and gift expectancies. Dashboards support your task-based work such as data entry and clean-up.

    Learn More on Dashboards in Executive Plus
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Cloud Hosting

Securely Store Your Data & Programs in the Cloud

Ensure the availability, security, and performance of your database and third-party applications with Andar’s Cloud Hosting Services.
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Consulting Services

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We Take Care of Your Campaign Setup, Database Entry, Pledge Processing,
& More

Our relationship with your organization goes beyond software. When resources and time are slim, we're here to help. We'll do the campaign legwork so you can focus on your mission.
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Andar Software Overview

The story of Andar Software began in 1988 when two developers created Andar/360, a solution made specifically for multi-faceted nonprofit organizations.
Software Processes Over
 $5 Billion in Donations Annually
Supporting 400+ 
Nonprofit Organizations

Our Values

Andar Software invests in the long-term success of your software.
Customer Focused
Our customers' success is our main priority. As your partner for growth, we strive to understand your needs and surpass expectations.
Passion for Helping
We support our communities by being collaborative, accountable, dependable, and honest.
Continuous Improvement
We’re agile and continually expand our knowledge and grow our product to support changing trends and challenges within the nonprofit community.

Customer Testimonials

  • "We are so used to buying a database that is one size fits all where you have to make your data fit the database. Andar/360 is not like that. Andar/360 helps you organize the data that you do have. You don't have to fill in every blank. You just take your data and get it in Andar/360. It's my data, and however I want to use it, I can set Andar/360 up that way. It's so flexible."
    Karen Brown |  Senior Director of Finance & Administration
    United Way of Waco-McLennan County, Waco, TX
  • "Our organization is extremely committed to having a relationship-oriented culture where accurate information, efficient processes and tailored communication create strong relationships that help us advance our mission. We've found Andar/360 to be just the tool we need to accomplish this goal."
    Keely Aggers |  VP Resource Development
    United Way of Larimer County, Fort Collins, CO
  • "The Andar Hosting team was so helpful in making [the transition] happen. They are truly willing to help with just about anything that comes our way. I wholeheartedly recommend them. They are very responsive and very helpful to us."
    Pam Cottle |  President & CEO
    Butler County United Way, Hamilton, OH

User Community

Lively Networking Groups

As nonprofit leaders, you understand the importance of community connection. That's why we built a safe, moderated, and open-source community for users to ask questions, share a good laugh, and inspire one another with actionable advice. Plus, Andar Community members have a voice when it comes to the future of Andar/360.
Members from the Andar Slack Community